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How to connect a HEXMIX to the audio jacks of an Intellijel case

The rear of an Intellijel case with cables plugged into the audio out jacks. Mounted in the case is a Befaco HEXMIX (HEXPANDER) and hair of my cats.

I got a new case for my Eurorack synthesiser. One of those fancy Intellijel Performance ones, with audio In and Out jacks on the rear panel. I like the idea of having at least those cables out of my way very much. Of course, like maybe every Non-Intellijel mixer, my Befaco HEXMIX has no connector for this. But blessed are they who do have a soldering iron and are not afraid to use it on their precious gear.

It is not very difficult to make your own connection cable and attach it to your mixer. I will describe in this text how I did it with my...

Chord Organ Chamäleon

Chord Organ module on a desk, cable atached.

Getting chords out of a modular synthesizer is not fun. At least not for me. Maybe it is for people with more skill or bigger systems or a stronger masochistic streak in them than I got. But for me, it’s close to impossible. I have a Plaits which can do chords, but I like and use it for other reasons.

What I really like and what gives me a warm feeling is the sound of (maybe a bit jazzy) chords consisting of a bunch of simple sign waves. Not a difficult thing to do on your favorite polysynth, but as I said, not fun on a modular. And when I saw the Chord Organ by Music...

nupsi - adding voltages in 1U 4HP

Row of 1U Eurorack modules including nupsi

A while ago I started to build a little Eurorack to extend my beloved Moog Grandmother. Most of my modules are DIY kits and I quickly noticed that building my Eurorack is at least as much fun as actually making music with it.

Some time ago, for a patch idea I wanted to do, I needed the possibility to add two voltages more or less precise. I was not happy with the stuff I had (Eurorack Disease). So, I took my breadboard. After some web search-assisted remembering of what I learned about electronics many years ago and an extremly professional circuit drawing, I had my first way too big nupsi prototype.
To fit it into the last 4HP...