An easy access to DIY modular synthesizers

Will be released this summer.
If you are interested, drop me a mail at neues[at]kleinerdrei[dot]net and I will keep you updated.

3 HP
47 mm deep

The pocketknife is a multi-purpose utility module that is perfect for those who want to take a next step into modular synthesizers, DIY electronics and/or programming. It is a versatile and freely programmable tool that was designed to be accessible in different ways.
It is not too pricy, easy to build and even for beginners not to hard to program using CircuitPython.

Of course, it is not necessary to program pocketknife yourself. There is a variety of pre-programmed modes like:

And since the whole pocketknife is completely open source, it is easy to edit and extend existing modes.
Also, it is an open hardware platform, meaning that the design is fully transparent and can be modified or adapted as needed.

And as a nice add-on, pocketknife’s front panel is symmetrical and can be flipped around. It has a clear and streamlined side for and a fancy one. Choose which one is more your cup of tea.

If you want one, get one.